“Coastwise” is originated from a collaboration between 2 captain / owners: Eelko Wijdieks and Douwe van den Berg. After the naval college, they gained many years of experience in various positions on board of low air-draft, multipurpose, sea / river vessels and container ships (from deckhand to mate and engineer).

Then they selected, individually, to entrepreneurship and became captain / owner of their own ship. With their years of experience and knowledge they have transported many types of cargoes.

On 1 September 2002 both captain/owners established the company “Coastwise”. 

It combines both owners knowledge and energy to undertake activities. This resulted in late 2003 and early 2004 in the delivery of 2 newbuild, iceclassed, multipurpose vessels. The input from Coastwise, in the design and engineering of these vessels resulted in a series of 19 vessels for the shipyard. The design of the vessels is still popular in the market. With the new vessels Coastwise gained more experience in the “Short Sea Market”. The ships in management of Coastwise are operated from both owners “in-home-office”. Both owners are nowadays still sailing as master, on board the vessels under management.