Coastwise Crewing, Your partner in maritime Crewing

Coastwise Crewing B.V.

Coastwise Crewing is established in 2014 by the owners of Coastwise. It takes care of efficient crew management, on board the vessels, under management of Coastwise.

Coastwise Crewing is working with highly motivated masters, officers and crewmembers, dedicated to their job on board.

Coastwise Crewing can offer:

  •      Manning of vessels, according to the vessels safe manning document
  •      Arranging crewchanges
  •      Crew transportation
  •      Ensure all required documents and certificates of the crewmembers are kept and  maintained available to meet the validity.
  •      Maintain a reliable wages administration, adhere to local governmental and tax regulations.

On request Coastwise Crewing can also provide crew for other vessels.

For each vessel, Coastwise Crewing is working with an “Service Level Agreement” as a supplement to a signed BIMCO SHIPMAN 2009 – Standard Management Agreement.